Stochastic choice of allelic expression in human neural stem cells

Jeffries, AR; Perfect, LW; Schalkwyk, LC; Ledderose, J; Bray, NJ; Mill, J; Price, J

Allele-Specific-Methylation analysis

UCSC browser views of our data

The links below load SNP probe data into the UCSC genome browser. They initially show selected regions but allow you to navigate the entire genome. All of the analyses are based on the March 2006 (hg18) genome assembly.

Links to UCSC genome browser views are below:

SNP probes with a delta(beta)>0.1

Gene expression estimates of detected SNP probes

SNP probes identified as delta(beta)>0.1 in a chain of 3 or more probes

Supplementary data files

Links to our supplementary data files are below:

File S1 - Allelic expression measures for known imprinted genes

File S2 - Genes identified as showing mono-allelic expression

File S3 - Single SNP genes showing possible mono-allelic expression (but excluded from downstream analysis)

File S4 - Functional annotation of stochastic allelic choice genes

File S5 - EpiGraph analysis results